For Job Seekers

If you are looking for employment, Cloud Info Global's professional recruiters offer personalized service and deep industry experience. We can help you find the right job opportunity to advance your career. We are seeking a diverse workforce and are actively recruiting candidates in accordance with diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity policies.

Find the Right Role for You
From Senior Vice Presidents to entry-level positions, we have promising job opportunities for those with all levels of experience. We are a professional job placement agency with recruiters who can help find the right position for you at the right time to keep your career moving forward.

Employment Options that Fit Your Needs
We’re committed to providing job-seekers with opportunities that will meet your immediate needs but also serve you well over the long term.

We take the time to get to know you so we understand your experience, work style, and career aspirations. We do this so we can present you in the most positive light to potential employers, and also to ensure that your next job will challenge and inspire you, provide you with a sense of fulfillment and compensate you properly.

Direct Hire: For applicants seeking permanent employment in a new company or role, Alaant can help you refine your resume, focus your job search and present yourself as the best possible candidate for a wide variety of employers.

Temp-to-Hire: We can align you with an employer on a temporary project with the potential for permanent employment if you're the right fit for the role moving forward. This process gives you a chance to evaluate the employer and consider whether you see yourself growing confidently in this environment.

Temp & Contract: Whether you find yourself with a free block of time or want to test the waters of a new industry, our temp and contract positions provide fulfilling, door-opening opportunities. We offer affordable, ACA-compliant medical insurance to qualified candidates and can also provide paid time off based on hours worked.